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A journey through time & space, and the fight for existence. A dark premise contrasted with the divine imaginary creates a hypnotic ride of tone and emotion. Only "in-camera effects" were used to capture "Sci-Fly". The wonders of our own world were filmed in order to create another. I've always been a big believer in practical effects. Capturing visual effects "in camera" is starting to become an afterthought. "Sci-Fly's" main goal was to create a journey solely on experimenting with new techniques that we had never done before. Those new methods would shift the storytelling arch. "Sci-Fly" would evolve organically, just like the effects created.

Director: Joey Shanks

Cinematographer: Joey Shanks

Editor: Joey Shanks

Production Designer: Kendall Music

Sound Designer: Joey Shanks

Music: Kleptonaut

Additional Credits: Set Design: Nick Fedora, Pyrotechnics: Braden Leonard, Audio Consultant: Big Fok


Joey Shanks launched a KickStarter campaign for "Sci-Fly" last June. It raised over $10,000, and got the attention of PBS. Joey and PBS collaborated on a YouTube series called "Shanks FX". Many of the episodes explore creating the visuals for "Sci-Fly". Several episodes have been featured by popular web blogs like NO FILM SCHOOL and GIZMODO.

Public Film Contact
Joey Shanks
Joey Shanks Productions
(919) 451-8861