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Moones - "Better Energy"


Director Peter Sluszka utilizes a medley of visual techniques in his music video for the U.K. based band Moones and their single "Better Energy". Shipwrecked on an iceberg floating in the frigid seas, the marooned band tries to survive with the help of a resourceful cat as mysterious events unfold. The "Better Energy" band performance was shot over the course of three days at Hornet Workshop, Hornet's shooting stage in Brooklyn. To give it a playful and witty feel, Sluszka incorporated a variety of visual elements including stop motion, pixilation, claymation, puppetry, all of which was intercut with live action.

Director: Peter Sluszka

Executive Producer: Michael Feder

Producer: Joel Kretschman, Cathy Kwan

Screenwriter: Ollie Kristian, Peter Sluszka

Cinematographer: Ivan Abel

Editor: Anita Chao

Production Designer: Anthony Henderson

Sound Designer: Simon Capes

Music: Moones

Additional Credits: Additional Credits: 1st AC: Marcos Herrera, Nate Spengler
 2nd AC: Josh Tyron
, Gaffer: Michael Yetter
, Best Boy: Jarrod Kloiber
, Key Grip: Matt Walker, Jeremy Rodriguez
, 2nd Grip: Aaron Smith, Alexa Harris, 
Production Designer: Anthony Henderson
 Set Design Exploration: Suzanne Porush
, Fabricator(s): Connie Li Chan, Tim McDonald, Ben Kress, Ben Phelan, Pete Erickson, Nathan Asquith, Halsey Rodman
, Additional Credits: Animator(s): Kevin Coyle, Matt Somma, Chris Gilligan, Ellen Goldstein, Maxwell Sorensen, Matt Christensen, Peter Sluszka, 
Set Production Assistant(s): Brittany Summitt, Hannah Smith, Kathy Kretschman, Matt Menold, Lead Compositor: Yussef Cole, Compositors: Peter Fink, John Harrison
2D Animator: Mike Luzzi
, 2D Animator: Connie Li Chan

Principal Cast: Laurent Barnard, Elliot Dunster, Tariq Khan, Ollie Kristian


Peter Sluszka is an award winning mixed-media director with roots in stop-motion. Having directed animation for original content, ads, music videos, TV, and feature films, Peter's project bank is quite diverse. Likewise are his stop-motion feats; he’s manipulated everything from traditional puppets to meat, origami, snow, yarn and tons of clay.

Public Film Contact
EP: Michael Feder
Hornet Inc.
(917) 351-0520