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Sóley - "Bad Dream"


A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then taking off, shimmering, turning darker, and then Sóley raises her voice. "Bad Dream" is phantasmagoric and haunting song, taken from the Icelandic singer Sóley´s first full-length album We Sink, which sounds sweet, dreamlike and weird at the same time.

Director: Ellen Ragnarsdóttir, Raam Reddy

Producer: Adrian Svircic,

Screenwriter: Ellen Ragnarsdóttir

Cinematographer: Ellen Ragnarsdóttir

Editor: Ellen Ragnarsdóttir

Music: Sóley

Additional Credits: Assistant Editor: Raam Reddy, Art Direction: Vandana K, Gaffer: Doron Tempert

Principal Cast: Adrian Svircic, Sanne van Waarden, Mattea d´Amore


Ellen Ragnarsdóttir studied filmmaking in Prague Film School, where she was awarded as the best director upon graduation. She also has a degree in literature and film theory. "Bad Dream" is her first music video. Raam Reddy is an artist from India, who recently published his debut novel, "It´s Raining in Maya", while studying filmmaking in Prague.

Public Film Contact
Adrian Svircic
Vacant Cranium
(310) 918-7346