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Slugabed - "Sex"


In this comedy retro infomercial, Slugabed is selling his "Slugabed's Turbo Juicer 4000". This juicer and it's mini factory-like inner workings will transform your crushed audio-tapes through a stop-frame animated process into the best juice you've ever dreamed of. Buy it!

Director: Chris Ullens

Producer: Chris Ullens,

Screenwriter: Chris Ullens

Cinematographer: Chris Ullens

Editor: James Wright

Production Designer: Chris Ullens

Music: Slugabed

Additional Credits: Assistant and much more: Jamie Durand, Animator: Chris Ullens

Principal Cast: Slugabed


Chris Ullens is a Belgian director born in wonderful 1980. He lives and works in London.

He loves his wife-to-be, stop-motion or anything playful. And now he knows, he will happily ever after continue experimenting with his multi-disciplinary background in order to find fresh, new, weird and exciting projects.

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