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Willow - "Sweater"


The singer told me he sings about a rough break-up: whatever you do to keep the relationship going, it's not going to work anymore. So that's how I decided to let him undertake a journey to the bottom of the ocean. A very peaceful, quiet place, far away from everyone and everything, perfect place to get over a heart-break. After this he travels to the centre of the world. Once you're there you can't go down anymore, the only way is up...

Director: Filip Sterckx

Screenwriter: Filip Sterckx

Cinematographer: Pierre Schreuder

Editor: Filip Sterckx

Production Designer: Pierre Schreuder + Filip Sterckx

Additional Credits: CGI: Filip Sterckx, Technical Support: Aitor Biedma, Production Assistant: Nils Goddeeris

Principal Cast: Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost


Filip Sterckx (1985, Belgium) is a director and visual artist. He got his master degree in Animation Film in 2007 from Sint Lukas Brussels. During his studies he developed a unique animation technique. His graduation short film "Stroom" was selected at several prestigious festivals in Europe.

Public Film Contact
Filip Sterckx
0032 485 822 004