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Daniel Bedingfield - "Secret Fear"


"Secret Fear" is an exploration of the conflicts between opposing archetypes and contrasting skin tones, black water and fire, claustrophobia, and the need for intimacy, love, death, repeat, in a rotating glass coffin.

Director: Daniel Bedingfield

Producer: Daniel Bedingfield, Blk Bart

Screenwriter: Daniel Bedingfield

Cinematographer: Daniel Bedingfield

Editor: Daniel Bedingfield, Sean Horvath

Production Designer: Daniel Bedingfield

Sound Designer: Danield Bedingfield

Music: Daniel Bedingfield

Additional Credits: Production Manager: Steve Maddox, Location Manager: Steve Maddox, Pyrotecnics: Wayne Beauchamp, Casting Director: Brett McLaughlin, Post Production: TJR Films

Principal Cast: Daniel Bedingfield, Teisha Wheaton


Daniel Bedingfield is not only a singer songwriter who earned a BRIT Award, six U.K. Top 10 singles and 4 million in album sales from 2001 to ’04, but he has also released a new EP. For his song "Secret Fear", Daniel has created and directed a masterpiece.

Public Film Contact
Daniel Bedingfield c/o Alicia Yaffe
UHT Productions
(818) 269-7198