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Wax Tailor Aloe Blacc - "Time To Go"


Director: Darcy Prendergast, Seamus Spilsbury

Producer: Nicky Pastore,

Music: Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc

Additional Credits: Animation: Sam Lewis, Animation: Mike Greaney, VFX supervisor: Josh Thomas, Assistant animators: Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho, Aster Caplan, Compositors: Josh Thomas, 
Jeremy Blode
, James Bailey, 
Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho, 
Keith Crawford, 
Dan Steen


In a landscape inhabited by sharks creating heartless and mediocre content, Oh Yeah Wow sails a boat on the waves of integrity, aided by the winds of determination. Nautical analogies aside, this team of unlicensed pyrotechnicians and unappreciated comedians collectively create excellence, innovation and the occasional intake of vitamin D.

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Darcy Prendergast
Oh Yeah Wow