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Lushlife - "Magnolia"


Every word to "Magnolia" (188) was handmade using cardboard (discarded from grocery stores), hot glue guns, and paint pens. Random people in over 65+ locations and a handful of friends were used as rappers throughout the video. The video was entirely practical (no CGI) and wound up costing a little under $80.

Director: LAMAR+NIK

Producer: LAMAR+NIK,

Cinematographer: LAMAR+NIK

Editor: Nik Harper

Production Designer: LAMAR+NIK

Sound Designer: Raj Halder (Lushlife)

Music: Raj Halder (Lushlife)

Additional Credits: Spenser Sakurai: Michael Raiden

Principal Cast: Raj Halder, Cassandra Ketrick, Matthew Fresquez, Cole Walker, Miles Kolliopolous, Elijah Mills, Hannah Boecher, Joey Powell, Jenni-Lee Wolf, Joe Foster


Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper are a directing duo under the moniker LAMAR+NIK.

Public Film Contact
Jesse High
(405) 401-1146