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Skin To Bone

"Skin To Bone" is a visual representation of Linkin Park's song by the same name. The video was filmed in darkness and highlighted with special effects created by producers Brandon Torio and Taha Dawoodbhoy. The video reflects upon the death and darkness present in the song's words "ash to ashes, dust to dust, skin to bone, steel to rust".

Director: Taha Dawoodbhoy, Brandon Torio

Executive Producer: Taha Dawoodbhoy, Brandon Torio

Producer: Brandon Torio, Taha Dawoodbhoy

Cinematographer: Taha Dawoodbhoy

Editor: Brandon Torio

Additional Credits: Editing Supervisor: Chase Karr

Principal Cast: Brandon Torio, Taha Dawoodbhoy


Brandon and Taha started filming and experimenting with visual effects using After Effects in 8th grade. They continued their progress in the field in highschool through the HEBISD AV Production class. This latest film displays their ambitions and knowledge in the subject.

Public Film Contact
Taha Dawoodbhoy
T & B Productions
(469) 544-7358