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One night, a robbery took place at a museum and someone got murdered. It's up to Detective Bones to solve this crime. He is accompanied by his partner, Jessie Styx. As he investigates the scene, Bones discovers clues that leads to a horrible end.

Director: Louis J. Zylka

Executive Producer: Louis J. Zylka

Producer: Louis J. Zylka,

Screenwriter: Louis J. Zylka

Cinematographer: Louis J. Zylka

Editor: Louis J. Zylka

Principal Cast: Billy Taylor, Manny Moreno, Michael Garza, Zack Vasquez, Hunter Weber, Sheanne Feis, Louis R Zylka, Melissa Escobedo

I'm a 18 year old high school senior. I'm a media tech student, making short films weekly. I hope to major film in college.