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"Drop" is the story of a drowning victim's journey to understanding. The main character is led through a series of areas that all evoke some strong emotional connection. Throughout the story she is led by the element of water. In the end she is left with the understanding of the meaning behind her journey and hopefully the viewer is left feeling as though after life is no different than the life we live on earth, just another realm which is neither more nor less beautiful.

Director: Zenzele Ojore

Producer: Zenzele Ojore,

Screenwriter: Zenzele Ojore

Cinematographer: Zenzele Ojore

Editor: Zenzele Ojore

Production Designer: Zenzele Ojore

Sound Designer: Zenzele Ojore

Music: Hector Salazar

Additional Credits: Olivia Mclean, : Emma Woolbright, : Larissa Fantini, Special Thanks: David Derr

Principal Cast: Avery Moore


Through years of maturation, Zenzele has come to realize that everything truly does happen for a reason and every event or action, whether it big or small, has a direct effect on what is to happen in all of our lives. She now knows that every artistic discovery she has made in her 18 years of life, has led to her passion for the cinematic arts.

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