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Don't Be Afraid Ashley


Ashley and her friends decide it would be a good idea to sneak into their school's theater and hang out over night, but once Ashley's friends begin getting mercilessly slaughtered by a group of mysterious masked menaces, It is up to the audience to decide what is fact and what is fallacy. Fear and deception drive this fast paced horror short.

Director: Makena Buchanan

Executive Producer: Makena Buchanan

Producer: Makena Buchanan,

Screenwriter: Makena Buchanan

Cinematographer: Makena Buchanan

Editor: Makena Buchanan

Production Designer: Cara McConnell

Sound Designer: Makena Buchanan

Additional Credits: Boom Operator: Julian Ybarra, Assistant to Mr. Buchanan: Casey Hopkins

Principal Cast: Brianna Badreau, Leila Hamouie, Austin Almanza, Theo Glass, Michael Devine


Makena Buchanan has been making films since he was in the 4th grade. From stop motion to heart stopping action, Makena has experimented with different mediums and formats. Makena hopes to one day direct a feature length film and win a Palm d'Or.

Public Film Contact
Makena Buchanan
Maken' a Film
(713) 494-7184