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The Magic Lasso


After waking up from a long coma, a young girl stumbles around in a post-apocalyptic hospital, finding clues that help her understand how it was recently abandoned. Where did everyone go? Are people still alive? Can she survive somehow?

Director: Amy Harvie

Executive Producer: Kelly Snowden

Producer: Holly Holcomb, Kelly Snowden

Screenwriter: Austin Himes, Bo Schuh

Cinematographer: Omar Fawahl

Editor: Luke Palter/Amy Harvie

Additional Credits: Screenwriter 3: Caitlin Bradford, Screenwriter 4: Jack Blaising, Location Manager: Jacob Weisfeld, Cinematographer: Jack Deichert, Grip: Stuart Macatee/Rush Urschel/Simeon Jones

Principal Cast: Lyssie Ropp, Julia Waits, Clay Flaten


Director Amy Harvie, born in South Africa, grew up in Dallas, Texas. After writing and directing many short films and music videos throughout high school, she was accepted into the USC School of Cinematic Arts where she is currently majoring in film and television production.

Distributor: Amy Harvie

Public Film Contact
Amy Harvie
(214) 478-7951