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It's just another boring day in the the most boring job in the world. Even the robots doing the jobs are bored. They'll do anything to get out of it, even take one of those over sized 'You're leaving' cards around the factory. That's when they discover the sinister intentions of the humans. Shot in one day with actors replaced by animated robots. This film has 55 VFX shots created in just 12 weeks by a team of animation students at Media Design School, in New Zealand.

Director: James Cunningham

Producer: James Cunningham, Oliver Hilbert, Leon Woud

Screenwriter: Kathryn Burnett

Cinematographer: Simon Riera

Editor: James Cunningham

Sound Designer: Laura Dunkley, Jeremy Cullen

Music: Jeremy Cullen

Principal Cast: Simon McKinney, Stephen Papps, Lara Fischel-Chisholm, Penny Ashton, Peter Rowley


James Cunningham is a New Zealand film director who has directed over ten award winning short films, with a focus on animation and visual effects.