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Under the Lion Crotch


Situation living in Hong Kong, China nowadays.
Here comes the end
Our land is brutally torn apart by conglomerates
Redevelopment swept across the city
Their thriving business had left us homeless
Is the world going to end
as we've been longing for?
Destroy us all together with the chaos
Set us free like
the ashes in the wind

Director: Wong Ping

Screenwriter: Wong Ping

Editor: Wong Ping

Production Designer: Wong Ping

Music: No One Remains Virgin - Under the Lion Crotch


Wong Ping was born in the 80's in Hong Kong. He is an illustrator and animator, and has a special affection for bitter gourd. People always introduce Ping as an erotic illustrator, which he does not agree with at all. His works have been screened across Europe and can be found in

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