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The Gold Sparrow

Set in a crumbling black-and-white futuristic metropolis, void of creativity and color, the city is traversed by The Gold Sparrow and her nefarious side kick, The Ring Leader. Together they scour the gray-scale streets, stealing the color from anyone daring enough to bring art back into their bleak world. Our heroes, The Strongman, The Fool, and The Monk, perform in the streets as they are hunted. The two sides clash through intense chase scenes and battles for the souls of our artists. Two-dimensional animation rotoscoped over live action creates a living graphic novel, a breathtaking and unique action-packed short film.

Director: Daniel Stessen

Executive Producer: Chad Nicholson

Producer: Chad Nicholson, Noah Lit, Daniel Stessen

Screenwriter: Daniel Stessen

Cinematographer: Sam Gezari

Editor: Daniel Stessen

Production Designer: Tristam Steinberg

Sound Designer: Geoff Green

Music: The Brothers Lit

Additional Credits: Head of Animation: Michael P. Garza, Producer4: Michael P. Garza, Editor2: Eric Grush, Lead Animator: Cassie Jo Nelson

Principal Cast: Nikia Phoenix, Daniel Stessen, Josh Lit, Sam Raver, Noah Lit, Melissa Stetten, The Shark


Director, writer, and editor, Daniel Stessen graduated from Syracuse University and at the National Theater Institute (NTI). He directed theater and experimented with several forms of art in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles and taught himself to make films. Daniel’s music videos were official selections of the SXSW Festival in 2010 and 2011.

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Chad Nicholson
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