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An elderly couple seeks to make their relationship more adventurous. When they find an abandoned trailer the couple decides that breaking and entering will be the perfect beginning to an adventure. Upon making the abandoned trailer their new hideout, feelings of youth flourish within the couple. As these new juvenile emotions take over, the cautions of their crime are forgotten.

Director: Nathan Honnold, Alex Zhuravlov

Executive Producer: Nathan Honnold

Screenwriter: Nathan Honnold, Alex Zhuravlov

Cinematographer: Nathan Honnold

Editor: Nathan Honnold

Sound Designer: Nathan Honnold

Principal Cast: LaDonna Allison, Bill Pacer, Robert Bass


Nathan Honnold is an award winning independent filmmaker and cinematographer located in the Atlanta area. He is actively writing, directing and filming new projects in Atlanta. These new films provide a look into lives of individuals struggling on the edge. Alex Zhuravlov is a filmmaker located in Atlanta.

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Nathan Honnold