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Rachel and Anita, a young Manhattanite couple, are visiting Anita's parents on the Indian reservation she grew up on, for the first time as a couple. Anita, estranged from her parents, wants the fact that they are a couple to be kept secret. In private moments Rachel fights to convince Anita that they should come out to Anita's parents and in public tries to build a relationship of her own with Anita's parents, chiefly by demonstrating her reverence for Indian culture--a culture which Anita has no interest in. As Rachel's attempts to connect with the parents become more and more desperate, Anita begins to question whether her background is what attracted Rachel to her in the first place.

Director: Jeremy Hersh

Executive Producer: Courtney Hope

Producer: Jonathan Cohen, Elisa Peebles, Sydney Whalen

Screenwriter: Jeremy Hersh

Cinematographer: Arpy Sarkissian

Editor: Cecilia Delgado

Production Designer: Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise

Sound Designer: Nicole Cobb

Music: N/A

Additional Credits: Art Director: Alejandra Araujo

Principal Cast: Emily Young, Kendra Mylnechuk, Kim Snyder, Joe Cross


Jeremy Hersh recently graduated from the film program at NYU Tisch. His short "Affinity" won awards for best screenplay and best ensemble cast at NYU's New Visions & Voices Festival. As a playwright, Jeremy's work has been developed and produced at theaters across the country. He is co-artistic director of the NYC-based Groundgum Theater Company.

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Jonathan Cohen
(914) 434-8810