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Texas High School Shorts


Adam Mosley - Who I Am
Director: Jake Wangner
Adam Mosley is an amateur Fort Worth skateboarder. He spends his days rolling across the pavement learning new tricks. Take a quick look into his daily life.

Director: Jade Basinski, Pearl Basinski
A sweet lullaby.

The Benefactress
Director: Alina Vega
Everything's coming apart at the seams.

Directors: Sophia Haid, Ivan Kumamoto
The can man can.

Charlie Hughes
Directors: Kyle Matthew, Hirsh Elhence
What did you do to mom?

The Cigarette Burns Slowly
Director: Connor Clift
Two individuals who work the night shift together decide to take a cigarette break. Chemistry unfolds.

Don't Be Afraid Ashley
Director: Makena Buchanan
Don't be afraid Ashley, It's just a dark empty theater, there's no one here but your friends.

Director: Zenzele Ojore
"Drop" is an experimental narrative that tells the story of a young drowning victim, her journey through the “in-between” and the many memories of her past to reach her alternate peace.

Director: Conner Miller
A man on the run--but from what?

Director: Louis J. Zylka
One night, a robbery took place at a museum and someone got murdered. It's up to Detective Bones to solve this crime.

Gas Giant
Director: Andrew Haworth
Gas Giant is a stop motion animated short about a man who wakes up on his lawn and realizes he's 50 feet tall.

Director: Atheena Frizzell
More than anything else in the world, Reese wants a gay best friend. She sets out to get one but her plan goes terribly awry.

The Magic Lasso
Director: Amy Harvie
The Magic Lasso is a thriller about a young girl who wakes up from a coma in a post-apocalyptic hospital and the abandoned characters she discovers there.

Director: Stephen Mendoza
Obsession is a thriller about a disturbed young woman who finally has the evening she has been dreaming of with the object of her affection.

Director: Maddison Lopez
What would the average high school student do to survive a zombie apocalpyse?

Directors: James Bradford, Max Montoya
Girl, you'll be a woman soon.

Robert Cossman, Deceased
Director: Alexander Marking
The story around a mysterious briefcase.

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight
Directors: Callan Harrison, Aidan Anders
Sir Gawain & the Green Knight is a hand cut paper animation chronicling the adventures of Sir Gawain and his attempts to uphold the code of chivalry.

Skin To Bone
Directors: Taha Dawoodbhoy, Brandon Torio
Skin To Bone is a fan made music video to the song "Skin To Bone" by Linkin Park. The video delves into the dark meeting behind the song.

TRAPPED (A Slenderman Short Film)
Directors: Jonathan Munoz, Kyle Curtis
An adaptation to the Slenderman urban legend. Inspired by the hit PC game SLENDER.

True Story
Director: Miles Andres
Based on a true story.

Director: Rachel Davis
A girl find a body and a zipper catches her attention....

Director: Various