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In February 2012, the New York Knicks, mired in a disappointing season and out of desperation, looked to the end of their bench and found Jeremy Lin, an undrafted free agent from Harvard. On the verge of seeing his lifelong NBA dream vanish, Lin – at, or near what was believed to be his last chance as an NBA professional, underwent a now-legendary run, obliterating stereotypes along the way, and in the process birthed a global phenomenon known as "Linsanity." Basketball -- and the world – was never the same.

Director: Evan Jackson Leong

Executive Producer: James D. Stern, Patricia Sun

Producer: Christopher C. Chen, Brian Yang, Allen Lu

Cinematographer: Evan Jackson Leong

Editor: Greg Louie

Music: Newton Brothers

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Sam Kwok, Co-Producer: Eleanor Nett, Co-Producer: Josh Fan, Narrator: Daniel Dae Kim, Sound Editor: Wildfire Post

Principal Cast: Jeremy Lin


Evan Jackson Leong is a 6th-generation Chinese-American San Franciscan. He worked with his mentor, Justin Lin, on "Better Luck Tomorrow", "The Fast & the Furious", and "Finishing the Game". Directing credits: "Him Mark Lai: The People's Historian", "Forging a Feature: The Journey of Better Luck Tomorrow", and "1040: Christianity in the New Asia".

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