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On its surface "Cats" is a short film about a master dog groomer trying to impart some grooming wisdom on his bored apprentice. It is when his apprentice's mind begins to wander, that the film transforms into something more experimental, using a hypnotic and repetitive editing style to explore the fetishization of animals in the grooming process and the voyeuristic and detached way in which we observe their visible discomfort. As the film closes, "Cats" takes the process one step further as the protagonist is disrobed and herself groomed, further blending the erotic with the profane (and sometimes very filthy) world of dog grooming.

Director: Michael Reich

Executive Producer: Daniel Blumberg, Michael Reich

Producer: Anthony Baldino,

Screenwriter: Michael Reich, Forrest Borie

Cinematographer: June Zandona

Editor: Forrest Borie

Sound Designer: Brendan Long

Principal Cast: Ariela Marin, Huber Pineda


Michael Reich has directed music videos for My Chemical Romance, The Shins and Bad Religion. Michael is currently shooting a feature length film titled "She's Allergic To Cats", which was directly inspired by his SXSW short.

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Michael Reich
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(914) 525-5345