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Top Floor

When Ron, a high powered hedge fund manager, finds out that his biggest investor may be pulling out of the fund, his world begins to collapse on him, as he juggles fatherhood, his ex-wife, and one very big secret.

Director: Aaron David DeFazio

Producer: Daniella Kahane,

Screenwriter: Daniella Kahane

Cinematographer: Michael Rossetti

Editor: Filip Kasperaszek

Sound Designer: Rose Seyfried

Music: David Abravanel

Additional Credits: Unit Production Manager: Dave Brody, Assistant Director: Eric Mallory Morgan, Still Photographer: Brandon Burdzinski, Hair & Makeup: Amy Wadford

Principal Cast: Todd Lawson, Gabriel Paley, Leah Curney, John Keabler, John Fennessy, Nalina Mann, Jared David, Julie Seureau, Aleksandra Rush


Aaron David DeFazio is a NYC based filmmaker pursuing an MFA at Columbia University. Inspired by watching Raiders of the Lost Ark in bed through the eyepiece of his VHS camcorder, his career began at a Hollywood Video in New Jersey. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, he completed "The Loop" (2010) and "Interpose" (P'town FF 2012).

Public Film Contact
Daniella Kahane
(201) 638-3712