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Shorts Program 2


Directors: Simon Atkinson, Adam Townley
An eleven year old boy, unable to fly his kite alone, befriends a peculiar girl who can not leave her caravan.

Directors: Nathan Honnold, Alex Zhuravlov
Kelly, a female entrepreneur, gives personal advice and insight into business and beauty. She finds inspiration in her personal experiences and in her role model Mary Kay.

Directors: Nathan Honnold, Alex Zhuravlov
An elderly couple finds excitement in breaking and entering.

Directors: Kyle Bogart, Cliff Bogart
A friendship is tested as two Black Metal bandmates lose hope that they will ever achieve their ultimate goal: To be the most evil band in the world.

Si Nos Dejan
Director: Celia Rowlson-Hall
If they let us, we will love each other all our lives.

The Slaughter
Director: Jason B. Kohl
A pig farmer tests his unemployed son's resolve to join the family business.

Social Butterfly
Director: Lauren Wolkstein
A 30-year-old American woman enters a teenage party in the South of France. Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there.

Director: Various