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Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his abandoned house and find another collection of mysterious VHS tapes. In viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be terrifying motives behind the student’s disappearance.

Director: Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, Timo Tjahjanto, Gareth Huw Evans, Jason Eisener

Executive Producer: Zak Zeman, Tom Owen, Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett

Producer: Gary Binkow, Brad Miska, Roxanne Benjamin

Screenwriter: Simon Barrett, Timo Tjahjanto, Gareth Evans, Jamie Nash, Jason Eisener, John Davies

Sound Designer: Owen Granich-Young

Music: The Death Set

Principal Cast: Adam Wingard, Lawrence Levine, L. C. Holt, Kelsy Abbott, Hannah Hughes


Simon Barrett (writer of "A Horrible Way To Die", "You're Next", and "V/H/S", his directorial debut), Adam Wingard ("Pop Skull", "A Horrible Way To Die", "You're Next", "V/H/S"), Gareth Huw Evans ("The Raid", "Berendal", "Merentau"), Timo Tjahjanto ("Macabre"), Jason Eisener ("Hobo With A Shotgun"), Eduardo Sanchez ("Blair Witch Project", "Altered", "Lovely Molly"), Gregg Hale.

Distributor: Magnet Releasing

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Arianne Ayers
Magnolia Pictures
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