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Pete and Toshi Get a Camera


55 years ago Pete Seeger didn't name names at the McCarthy hearings and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Out on appeal, blacklisted, watched by the FBI, he buys an old camera. With his wife Toshi, they start filming their musician friends. After several years of making small films, they decide to take the family around-the-world to film musicians in the most remote corners of the earth. The historic 16mm footage is intercut with modern day interviews of the family as they lend insight into a time & place that doesn't exist today. Part travelogue, part musical odyssey, part ethnocentric dream, "Pete and Toshi Get a Camera" will take you places you would never have imagined.

Director: William Eigen

Executive Producer: Rand Levy, Daniel Seeger

Producer: William Eigen,

Screenwriter: William Eigen

Cinematographer: Bobby Shepard

Editor: Daniel Geiger

Music: David Whetstone

Principal Cast: Pete Seeger, Toshi Seeger, Daniel Seeger, Mika Seeger, Tinya Seeger


William Eigen has produced four documentaries including SXSW 2011 entry "Sing Your Song" about the life and times of Harry Belafonte. William also produced the Emmy award winning "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" and "Isn't this a Time", a Tribute to New York Impresario Harold Leventhal. "Pete and Toshi Got a Camera" is his first film as a director.

Public Film Contact
William Eigen
Studio Bang
(612) 868-2825