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The Great Hip Hop Hoax

Californian hip-hop duo Silibil n' Brains were going to be massive. No one knew the pair were really Scottish, with fake US accents and made up identities. When their promising Scottish rap act was branded “the rapping Proclaimers” by scornful A and R's, friends Billy and Gavin reinvented themselves as LA homeboys. The real deal. The lie was their golden ticket to a dream life. With confessions from the scammers, insight from the music execs they duped and doodle reconstructions, the film charts the rollercoaster story of the highs of the scam and the lows of madness and the personal toll the deception took. A film about truth, lies and the legacy of faking everything in the pursuit of fame.

Director: Jeanie Finlay

Executive Producer: Jerry Rothwell, Jonny Persey

Producer: Al Morrow, Jeanie Finlay

Cinematographer: Roger Knott-Fayle

Editor: Jim Scott

Production Designer: n/a

Sound Designer: Pip Norton

Music: Paul Finlay. Paul Finlay & Mike Brennan

Additional Credits: Music Supervisor: Graham Langley

Principal Cast: Billy Boyd, Gavin Bain, James Bourne, Jonathan Shalit, Del Conboy, Chris Rock, Oskar Kirkwood


Jeanie Finlay is a British artist and documentary filmmaker who is obsessed with telling other people’s stories. Her work includes "Sound It Out" (SXSW 2011), a portrait of the very last record shop in Teesside, "Goth Cruise" (IFC - USA), "Teenland" (BBC4) and award winning interactive documentary "Home-Maker".

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