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The Fifth Season

In a village, a mysterious calamity strikes: spring doesn't come. The cycle of nature seems to be interrupted. When the annual bonfire celebrating the end of winter fails to burn, the seeds don't grow and the cows refuse to give milk, panic mounts and the bonds between neighbours start to break: who is responsible?

Director: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth

Producer: Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth, Diana Elbaum & Sébastien Delloye, Joop van Wijk & JB Macrander

Screenwriter: Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth

Editor: Jessica Woodworth

Sound Designer: Pepijn Aben

Music: Michel Schöpping

Principal Cast: Aurélia Poirier, Django Schrevens, Sam Louwyck, Gill Vancompernolle

Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth won the Lion of the Future at the 2006 Venice Film Festival with "Khadak". Their second fiction, "Altiplano", was launched in Cannes in 2009 and won the Golden Kinnaree at the Bangkok International Film Festival.

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