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Sofia's Last Ambulance


Sofia, Bulgaria. In a city where only 13 ambulances struggle to serve several million people, three paramedics face Kafkaesque situations. Struggling against an avalanche of absurdities in a crumbling medical system, they do what they do best: save lives.

Director: Ilian Metev

Executive Producer: Lora Chenakova, Dan Cogan

Producer: Dimitar Gotchev, Ingmar Trost, Siniša Juričić

Editor: Ilian Metev

Sound Designer: Dominic Fitzgerald

Principal Cast: Krassimir Yordanov, Mila Mikhailova, Plamen Slavkov

Ilian Metev was born in Sofia in 1981. He studied Fine Art in London, followed by an MA in Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School. His graduation film “Goleshovo” (2008) has been screened at over 60 festivals and received 17 awards.

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