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Xmas Without China


Two families living side by side, but worlds apart, collide when pride and mischief inspire Chinese immigrant Tom Xia to challenge his American neighbors to celebrate Christmas without any Chinese products. Fed up with toy and food recalls, the Jones family down the street eagerly accept the consumer mission-impossible and are drawn into a surprising intercultural exchange with the Xia family. As the Joneses wrestle with the escalating influence of China in their lives and Tom struggles to get beyond the stereotypes, he realizes that he’s on a deeper journey to understand the complexities of his own divided loyalties between the US and China.

Director: Alicia Dwyer

Producer: Alicia Dwyer, Tom Xia

Cinematographer: Michael Dwyer

Editor: Juli Vizza

Sound Designer: Jon Greasley & Jeffrey Dyal (King Sound Works)

Music: Kenneth Pattengale

Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Juli Vizza, Co-Producer: Michael Dwyer, Co-Editor: Tova Goodman, Additional Editor: Tchavdar Georgiev, Location Sound: Jesse Dwyer

Principal Cast: Tom Xia, Mary Yao, Victor Xia, Evelyn Jones, Tim Jones, Tessa Jones, Finley Jones


Alicia Dwyer was a director on the theatrically released "Bully", and the four-hour PBS Independent Lens documentary series "The Calling". Alicia's previous producing and editing work includes the Emmy nominated HBO series PANDEMIC, "The World According to Sesame Street" (Sundance), and the Oscar-winning documentary "Into The Arms of Strangers".

Public Film Contact
Alicia Dwyer
Veracity Productions
(818) 370 - 8601