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Malcolm Ingram ("small town gay bar") returns with a new documentary that takes viewers back to sexually-charged NYC 1968, when the notorious Continental Baths opened its doors. This groundbreaking den of debauchery transcended sexuality and became a beacon to the hip, beautiful and infamous. The Continental brought high and low culture to its cabaret stage weekly, becoming instrumental in the careers of icons like Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, LaBelle and many others. The film tells the tale of a keystone in the sexual revolution that contributed to a level of mainstream gay acceptance and sexual freedoms the likes of which has never been seen since.

Director: Malcolm Ingram

Executive Producer: Nhaelan McMillan, Herb Campbell Jr

Producer: Malcolm Ingram,

Cinematographer: Jonathon Cliff/ Andrew MacDonald

Editor: Sean Stanley

Additional Credits: Music Supervisor: Natasha Duprey, Co Producer: Matt Thomas, Executive Producer: Salah Bachir


Malcolm likes beer, BBQ and rainbows. His previous works include the award winning documentaries "small town gay bar" and "Bear Nation". This is his 4th film to show at SXSW.

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