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Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) longs to start a family with her husband Peter but is unable to conceive. Her best friend Andie (Michelle Monaghan), single and adrift, gets pregnant from a one-night stand and offers to give Lizzie the baby. Reluctantly, Peter agrees to be the child's father, and before he knows it Andie has moved into the guest room for the duration of her pregnancy. When Peter also invites his ne'er-do-well brother to the house, chaos ensues, testing the limits of friendship, family and a marriage. "Gus" depicts the deeply human struggles of these four people, taking a funny and poignant look at the ways we try to plan ahead when life has something else in mind.

Director: Jessie McCormack

Executive Producer: Richard N. Gladstein

Producer: Jessie McCormack, Kathryn Himoff, Kevin Fitzmaurice Comer, Erik Van Wyck

Screenwriter: Jessie McCormack

Cinematographer: Magela Crosignani

Editor: Kathryn Himoff, Nimrod Erez

Sound Designer: Jerry Ross, Tim LeBlanc

Music: Mark Kilian

Additional Credits: Casting Director: Yesi Ramirez, Costume Designer: Jackie Atkins, Justine Seymour

Principal Cast: Michelle Monaghan, Radha Mitchell, Jon Dore, Michael Weston, Mimi Kennedy


Jessie McCormack's first play "Spine" was produced in New York and Los Angeles. Her last play "Journey To Dollywood", for which Dolly Parton recorded a voice-over, enjoyed an extended run in L.A. Jessie wrote, directed and acted in an award winning short film, "The Antagonist". "Gus", which she also wrote, is her first feature film.

Sales Agent: ICM/Jessica Lacy

Public Film Contact
Kevin Comer
Gus Productions
(213) 271-4892