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Grow Up, Tony Phillips


Who doesn't love Halloween? All of Tony Phillips' (Tony Vespe) high school friends, apparently. It's senior year and they've now decided that they’re too cool for Halloween. When his older cousin (AJ Bowen) returns home right before the Holiday, Tony starts to wonder if he really is the dork everyone thinks he is, or if he’s just ahead of the curve.

Director: Emily Hagins

Producer: Peter Hall, Paul Gandersman

Screenwriter: Emily Hagins

Cinematographer: Gray Haddock

Editor: Shane Gibson & Luke Mullen

Production Designer: Griffon Ramsey

Sound Designer: Lyman Hardy

Music: Christopher Thomas

Principal Cast: Tony Vespe, AJ Bowen, Devin Bonnée, Katie Folger, Byron Brown, Caleb Barwick, Janet Travis, Seth Lee, Chris Doubek


Emily Hagins was the first teenage girl in the US to make a feature film ("Pathogen") at the age of 12 and was the subject of the documentary "Zombie Girl: The Movie". Her third feature, "My Sucky Teen Romance", premiered at SXSW 2011, where it was picked up for distribution by Dark Sky Films. Now 20, "Grow Up, Tony Phillips" is her fourth feature.

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Peter Hall
Arcanum Pictures
(703) 402-9075