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The Bounceback


Breaking up is hard to do. Desperate and lonely, Stan (Michael Stahl-David) learns that his ex, Cathy (Ashley Bell), will be in Austin for the weekend and hops on a flight to the Lone Star State in hopes of “accidentally” running into her. But, another breakup crisis greets him in Austin between his friends Jeff (Zach Cregger) and Kara (Sara Paxton), who are hell-bent on keeping Stan and Cathy apart. Cavorting through Austin’s honkytonks, nightclubs, and a cutthroat air-sex competition, Stan and Cathy find bouncing back from their heartache to be unexpectedly complicated. An outrageous and heartfelt comedy, THE BOUNCEBACK is Bryan Poyser's follow-up to the hit Sundance film, LOVERS OF HATE.

Director: Bryan Poyser

Producer: Megan Gilbride, Trace Sheehan

Screenwriter: David DeGrow Shotwell & Steven Walters, Bryan Poyser

Cinematographer: PJ Raval

Editor: Don Swaynos

Production Designer: Michael Bricker

Principal Cast: Ashley Bell, Zach Cregger, Sara Paxton, Michael Stahl-David, Addison Timlin, Justin Arnold, Marshall Allman


Bryan Poyser’s "Lovers of Hate" premiered in the US Dramatic Competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, was a John Cassavetes Award nominee at the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards, and was released by IFC Films. He was also nominated for FIND’s “Someone to Watch” Award for his feature, "Dear Pillow". Bryan lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Sales Agent: Kevin Iwashina, Preferred Content / Bec Smith, UTA

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