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And Who Taught You To Drive?

Driving through traffic at home is already stressful enough. Now imagine driving a car in a completely foreign country. Mirela, moving from Germany to India, Jake moving from the USA to Japan and South Korean Hye-Won living in Germany are facing the same problem. They are all forced to obtain a new local driver’s license. Driving lessons soon become lessons of life when it starts to dawn on our protagonists that getting through the day will involve much more than just obeying the rules of the road in their host country. A cultural comedy about accepting that it’s difficult but fun to be different from each other.

Director: Andrea Thiele

Producer: Stefan Kloos,

Screenwriter: Lia Jaspers

Cinematographer: Sebastian Baeumler

Editor: Christoph Senn, Ulf Albert

Sound Designer: Stefan Konken

Music: Michaela Kay, Hauke Kliem

Additional Credits: Sound: Martial Kuchelmeister

Principal Cast: Jacob Cates, Hye-Won Chung, Mirela Samardzija, Christian Krieger, Ryoji Tetsuya, Shamdev G. Tadmali, Vinay R. Modak


Andrea Thiele was born in 1976 in Munich, graduated from University of Miami with a degree in Mass Communication and then went on to graduate form the Academy of Film and Television, Munich, where she majored in Documentary Filmmaking. Since 2007, Thiele has been working as a Director/Young Producer for commercials in the US.

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