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Broadway Idiot

"Broadway" follows Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong from a punk rock concert at Madison Square Garden to the opening of his musical American Idiot on Broadway - only ten blocks away, but worlds apart. From behind the curtain share in the crazy journey of turning the mega-hit album into a punk rock musical - and ultimately see how the world of theater transformed Billie Joe.

Director: Doug Hamilton

Producer: Ira Pittelman,

Cinematographer: Dan Krauss

Editor: Rob Tinworth

Sound Designer: Greg McCleary

Music: Green Day

Principal Cast: BIllie Joe Armstrong, Michael Mayer, Tom Kitt


Doug Hamilton is a veteran television journalist for CBS News "60 Minutes" and PBS documentaries like "Frontline", "NOVA", and "American Masters". Hamilton has won numerous awards including three Emmys and a George Foster Peabody. He is also the company photographer for the Atlantic Theater Company.

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Doug Hamilton
(415) 297-2529