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In "Maladies", an idiosyncratic drama from the internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor and filmmaker, Carter, Academy Award®-nominee James Franco stars as James, a former actor who along with his sister Patricia (Fallon Goodson) retreats to the home of his best friend, the artist Catherine (Catherine Keener). Here, James’s grasp on reality remains tenuous at best as he attempts to redefine himself creatively through his new passion, writing. Through Catherine’s care, kindred eccentricities and friendship – along with the creative sanctuary her seaside home provides – we chart the fragments of James’s struggle with reality and the everyday conflicts with those who matter to him most.

Director: Carter

Executive Producer: Fallon Goodson, Justin Levine

Producer: Vince Jolivette, Miles Levy, Jeff Most

Screenwriter: Carter

Cinematographer: Doug Chamberlain

Editor: Curtiss Clayton

Production Designer: Casey Smith

Sound Designer: Laura Sinnott

Music: J. Ralph

Principal Cast: James Franco, Catherine Keener, Fallon Goodson, David Strathairn, Alan Cumming


Carter is a renowned painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker. "Maladies" is Carter's second feature film following "Erased James Franco". The actor befriended Carter as a collector of his paintings, and they explored the idea of Franco reenacting his film and TV appearances for the project, which screened at major art museums worldwide.

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