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Stale sounds of the suburbs send a teenager out with a sound recorder in search of better ones. Listening with this device he begins to build his own soundscape and drift away from his surroundings. His dependence on the recorder affects his relationship with a charismatic girl and he struggles to re-engage with the world around him.

Director: Danny Madden

Producer: jim cummings, benjamin wiessner

Screenwriter: danny madden

Cinematographer: Jonathan Silva

Editor: Danny Madden

Sound Designer: Danny Madden

Music: Jonathan Silva and Danny Madden

Principal Cast: Will Madden, Maria Decotis


Danny Madden is a middle child. He grew up in the southeastern United States and learned to make movies with brothers, neighbors and friends. Last year he directed and animated "(notes on) biology" which received the SXSW Jury Award for Animated Short. He was listed with Ornana as one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film."

Public Film Contact
jim cummings
(617) 406-9225