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We Always Lie To Strangers

"We Always Lie To Strangers" is a story of family, community, music and tradition set against the backdrop of Branson, Missouri, a remote Ozark Mountain town that is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. Here, millions from around the country, and particularly from the American Midwest, flock for a return to "old fashioned, traditional values" and the family-style entertainment of Branson's 100+ staged music shows, many of which feature families performing together. As Branson faces economic uncertainty and changes in attitudes on social issues, the interwoven sagas of these performing families form a composite both of Branson and of contemporary America.

Director: AJ Schnack, David Wilson

Executive Producer: Matthew Mills

Producer: AJ Schnack, David Wilson, Nathan Truesdell

Cinematographer: AJ Schnack, David Wilson and Nathan Truesdell

Editor: AJ Schnack

Music: Mountain Man

Principal Cast: Elisha Conner, Chip Holderman, Bill Lennon, Gail Lennon, Shirley Miller, Raeanne Presley, Steve Presley, Joe Tinoco, Tamra Tinoco, Ryan Walton


AJ Schnack is a filmmaker/writer based in Los Angeles. His films include "Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)" which premiered at SXSW in 2002, "Kurt Cobain About a Son", "Convention" & "Caucus". David Wilson is a filmmaker based in Columbia, Missouri. He previously directed the short film, "Big Birding Day", which premiered at SXSW and aired on POV.

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