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"Reincarnated" follows Snoop Dogg on a spiritual journey as he immerses himself in Rastafari, explores musical and religious histories deeply rooted in Jamaica, and reemerges from his experience as "Snoop Lion". Recording an album with world-renowned hitmaker Diplo and his Major Lazer production team, Snoop draws on recent personal experiences for lyrical inspiration. An exploration of modern Jamaica and meetings with the Nyabinghi Rasta and the family of urban legend Christopher Dudus among others also influence Snoop's new view of the world. He is leaving behind his days as a gangsta rapper and re-emerging as an avatar for peace, extolling the virtues of the Rasta lifestyle.

Director: Andy Capper

Executive Producer: Calvin Broadus, Shante Broadus

Producer: Suroosh Alvi, Ted Chung

Music: Snoop Lion

Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Codine Williams: Co-Producer: Justin Li, Editor: Jared Perez: Editor: Emily Wilson, Editor: Bernardo Loyola: Editor: David Gutt, Music Supervisor: Ricki Askin: Music Supervisor: Justin Li

Principal Cast: Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Shante Broadus


"Reincarnated" was directed by Andy Capper (born February 14, 1973), a Manhattan-based director, journalist and global editor of Vice Magazine. Born in Southport, UK, Capper has contributed to wide array of fields related to Vice magazine, having co-founded the UK / EU divisions of Vice with CEO Andrew Creighton in 2002.

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