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The Wait


An enigmatic phone call from a psychic, catapults a family into a state of suspended belief while waiting for their recently deceased mother to be resurrected. One sister believes the claim, and the other staunchly opposes it until she encounters a chance at love giving her hope that anything, even resurrection, is possible. A discordant struggle between sisters plays out in a world where the virtual and real converge.

Director: M. Blash

Producer: Ryan Crisman, Neil Kopp, Riel Roch Decter

Screenwriter: M. Blash

Cinematographer: Kasper Tuxen

Editor: Justin Kelly

Production Designer: Ryan Smith

Music: Owen Pallett

Additional Credits: Producer: David Guy Levy, Costume Designer: Heidi Bivens, Editor: Jessica Brunetto

Principal Cast: Jena Malone, Chloë Sevigny, Luke Grimes, Josh Hamilton, Devon Gearhart, Lana Green, Michael O'Keefe


M studied film at New York University and The School of Visual Arts. "Lying", his ultra low budget first feature, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. A multi-disciplinary artist, M’s art has been shown at galleries in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Portland. He is native to Portland, Oregon and currently lives in New York City.

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