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Computer Chess

In 1980 -- back when the machines seemed clumsy and we seemed clever -- an eccentric group of computer chess programmers gather at a hotel to discuss the state of artificial intelligence, and for a tournament pitting man and machine against one another.

Director: Andrew Bujalski

Producer: Alex Lipschultz, Houston King

Screenwriter: Andrew Bujalski

Cinematographer: Matthias Grunsky

Editor: Andrew Bujalski

Production Designer: Michael Bricker

Sound Designer: Eric Masunaga

Music: Morgan Coy / Kevin Bewersdorf

Principal Cast: Wiley Wiggins, Patrick Riester, Robin Schwartz, Gerald Peary, Myles Paige, James Curry, Gordon Kindlmann, Jim Lewis, Chris Doubek, Tishuan Scott


Andrew Bujalski has written, directed and edited the feature films “Funny Ha Ha", “Mutual Appreciation”, and “Beeswax".

Sales Agent: Andrew Herwitz, The Film Sales Company

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Houston King