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An exploding industry without rules! Backyard filmmakers with zero budget and a surplus of dreams! Unchecked global piracy! The race to control media consumption! Videotape changed the world and laid the foundation for today’s digital culture. Low cost equipment created unprecedented opportunities. Major studios and small indies operated on an even playing field for the first time ever. The story of the home video revolution is a tale of both technological advancement and human ambition. VHS vs. Beta! Porn invades the home! Direct to-video madness! It's all here, along with a rogues gallery of directors, rental employees, XXX vets, box artists, collectors, and more. Join the pizza party!

Director: Josh Johnson

Executive Producer: Panos Cosmatos, Freddie Fillers

Producer: Carolee Mitchell,

Cinematographer: Christopher Palmer

Editor: Christopher Palmer

Music: Josh Freda

Additional Credits: Producer-Japan: Midori Inoue

Principal Cast: Atom Egoyan, Cassandra Peterson, David "The Rock" Nelson, Jason Eisener, Chris Strompolos, Frank Henenlotter, Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Tenney, Charles Band, Mamoru Oshii


Josh Johnson is a product of the home video generation, with an interest in the furthest reaches of global cinema. He has written for various movie publications, programmed for international film festivals, and directed music videos and shorts. In 2010, he co-founded Imperial PolyFarm Productions, and began developing feature films.

Distributor: Cinetic Rights Management / FilmBuff

Sales Agent: Steven Beckman

Public Film Contact
Carolee Mitchell
IPF Productions
(512) 964-7548