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First Cousin Once Removed


Filmed over the course of five years, "First Cousin Once Removed" is Alan Berliner’s compassionate, yet unsettling portrait of Edwin Honig -- distinguished poet, translator, critic, and teacher who died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. It is an unflinching essay on the fragility of being human, and a stark reminder of the profound role that memory plays in all of our lives. Grand Prize Winner at 2012 IDFA (International Film Festival Amsterdam).

Director: Alan Berliner

Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins

Producer: Alan Berliner, Shari Spiegel, Lisa Heller

Cinematographer: Ian Vollmer

Editor: Alan Berliner

Music: Miranda Hentoff

Additional Credits: Story Consultant: Susi Korda, Creative Associate: Mónica Savirón

The New York Times has described Berliner's work as "powerful, compelling and bittersweet... full of juicy conflict and contradiction, innovative in their cinematic technique, unpredictable in their structures... Alan Berliner illustrates the power of fine art to transform life."

Distributor: HBO Documentary Films

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