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Love, Lies, and Identity in the Digital Age.

Nev Schulman is the subject of the acclaimed documentary CATFISH and host of MTV’s CATFISH: THE TV SHOW. In a world of constant digital connection, social networks have made communicating easier while complicating the definition of relationships. Through his personal experience, Nev has become something of an 'expert' in the world of social networking and online dating.

In his documentary Catfish, which revealed his long-distance online romance gone wrong, Nev explored the psychology and emotions related to creating a fake online identity. His curiosity, kindness, and non-judgmental approach facilitated an intensely revealing conversation that jumped from the big screen to the general public. In his discussion surrounding his experiences, Nev aims to better understand the motivations and catalysts regarding the fears, insecurities, and questions surrounding how one defines themselves in the digital world we live in.



Nev Schulman Filmmaker