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Using Archival & Found Footage in Film

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More and more films, whether documentary or narrative, are turning to found and archival footage to clarify a point, heighten a storyline and more. Out of the gate when considering using archival footage, the first question is where do you start when looking for this kind of footage to add to your film? And what do you do when you find it - it doesn't belong to you - so how do you navigate the challenges of licensing fees? Join current 2013 filmmakers from The Network, Our Nixon, Rewind This! and No More Road Trips as they discuss the benefits and challenges of using found or archival footage in their films.


MODERATOR Elizabeth Hansen Outreach & Education Dir Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Elizabeth Hansen is the Outreach and Education Director for the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI), where she coordinates the organization’s award-winning media education and preservation program, the Texas Film Round-Up. She serves on the executive committee of the Austin Museum Partnership and as an adult coordinator for Austin’s acclaimed teen radio program Youth Spin. Hansen holds a master's degree in media studies from the University of Texas at Austin and was an archival researcher for the film “Winnebago Man,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 2009.

Josh Johnson Writer/Director, Co-Founder Rewind This!

Josh Johnson is a product of the home video generation, a lifelong film obsessive with an interest in the furthest reaches of global cinema. He has written for various movie publications, programmed for international film festivals, and directed a collection of distinctive music videos and shorts. In 2010, he co-founded Imperial PolyFarm Productions, and began developing feature films.

Eva Orner Dir The Network

Rick Prelinger Founder No More Road Trips?

Filmmaker, writer, archivist, activist. Interested in meta-archival issues & other peoples' home movies. Co-founder, outsider library. Maker of live archival film events. New film: NO MORE ROAD TRIPS?

Brian Frye Producer Our Nixon

BRIAN L. FRYE is a filmmaker, writer and law professor. His experimental films have appeared in The Whitney Biennial, New York Film Festival's "Views from the Avant-Garde", New York Underground Film Festival, The Warhol Museum, Pleasure Dome and Images Festival. Brian was named (along with Penny!) one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film" in 2012. His short films are in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum and distributed by the Filmmaker's Coop. His writing on film and art has appeared in October, The New Republic, Film Comment, Cineaste and the Village Voice. His legal scholarship concerns interactions between the law and the arts, nonprofit organizations and intellectual property. He is currently a Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky.