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Mentors: Press & Bloggers

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As a filmmaker, the press can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Learn how to make nice. Or, if you're an aspiring journalist, learn how to make a living.

Mentor session signup is open to all Film, Gold and Platinum badge holders at a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants who signed up online must check-in 30 minutes before your mentor time slot to guarantee your spot. Limited on-site signup is also available for a small number of mentor sessions spots and will begin 30 minutes before the first time slot of each session.

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Boston Phoenix

Brandon Harris Contributing Editor Filmmaker Magazine

Dan Kois Senior editor, culture Slate

Dan Kois is a senior editor in the culture department at Slate and a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine. He was a founding editor of Vulture, New York magazine's culture vertical. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Farihah Zaman Filmmaker/Film Critic

FARIHAH ZAMAN began working in film as a Programmer for the Film South Asia documentary film festival before moving to New York in 2005, where she was the Acquisitions Manager at independent film distribution company Magnolia Pictures. In 2008 she coordinated IFP’s No Borders program, the only international co-production market in the U.S., before becoming Program Manager of The Flaherty Seminar until 2010. Farihah currently writes for The Huffington Post, Filmmaker Magazine, AV Club, and online film journal Reverse Shot, among others. She is co-directing a documentary with Jeff Reichert, REMOTE AREA MEDICAL, set for release in 2013.

John Gholson Film Critic/Blogger

Writer for and, formerly of Cinematical. Currently runs the comic blog Has appeared as an actor in SXSW films HEADCHEESE, MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE, and ZERO CHARISMA

Roger Erik Tinch Online & Digital Media Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Online and digital media for @drafthouse, @drafthousefilms and @badassdigest. Curator of @reelizer. Member of #VegasTech.

Scott Foundas Chief Film Critic Village Voice