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Not So Short Story: Short Form to Feature

Short films can allow filmmakers to build a name for themselves and flesh out directorial styles prior to moving onto feature length projects. Join filmmakers who started in shorts and discover how they turned heads enough to sign a feature deal, handled adapting a pre-existing short into a feature, what they learned from their experience with shorts as well as the challenges of working in each format.


MODERATOR Neil Miller Publisher Film School Rejects

Neil Miller is the Founder and Publisher of Film School Rejects, a reasonably successful website about movies. He's a resident of Austin, as is evident from his beard and in-depth knowledge of the local BBQ scene.

Kyle Henry Dir/Editor AOK Productions LLC

Kyle's feature directing debut ROOM premiered at both Sundance and Cannes' Directors' Fortnight. His follow-up anthology FOURPLAY had segments also play at Sundance and Cannes and is touring North America through April 2013. He is also a working film editor (e.g. Heather Courtney's Emmy and SXSW award winning Where Soldiers Come From and this year's SXSW premiere PJ Raval's Before You Know It) and teaches film production at Northwestern University.

Hannah Fidell A Teacher

Hello my name is Hannah

Calvin Lee Reeder Dir/Writer The Rambler

A mix of underground horror shock with existentialist atmosphere, Reeder made a name for himself with short films, Piledriver, Little Farm and The Rambler. Then came his feature debut, The Oregonian. Putting the art into lo-fi splatter pics, Reeder meshes thought and design with genre storylines, like a Euro-filmmaker making 70's drive-in films.