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Spotlight: Lighting in Film

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Good lighting can be key in provoking a specific mood, emotion, atmosphere and overall experience for the audience as filmmaker's tell their story. Whether you're shooting for the web, commercials or a feature project, shed light on what equipment can help set the tone, best practices and tips and tricks to refine the way you use lighting.


Mike Simpson Cinematographer Before You Know It

Mike Simpson is an award winning cinematographer who actively balances narrative and commercial work. Taiwan Oyster premiered narrative comp. SXSW2012 and Variety wrote: "The sheer beauty of Simpson's frames often stands in direct contrast with the delirious indulgence on display."  It's In the Blood starring Lance Henriksen: " We are introduced to images that will haunt us…like the rest of the film the cinematography is darkly beautiful." Strings, a thriller with awards including best cinematography: "I think it is safe to say that Mike Simpson’s cinematography is absolutely gorgeous."
Mike's commercial resume includes international TV spots for Nintendo starring Robin Williams as well as beauty and hair spots for Maybelline and Matrix. Other clients include, Budweiser Coach, Seventh Gen., Dell, Whole Foods, and more. Mike's incredible diversity in commercials has produced blogged about fashion and beauty spots, addy winners and even New York Times write-ups.

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