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Post-Production: Sound Off!

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Good sound design can add layers to a film - at once enhancing or even detracting from the visual story being told. Gain insight into the post-production sound design process for film. From the bare bones of why sound design should be on the top of your list when making your film, to the people that are in the arsenal of making sure the process goes smoothly. Learn what sound design means for you and your budget, tips and tricks of the trade and how it can help bring your film to the next level.


Chris Keyland Owner, Sound Mixer Keyland Sound

Chris works with sound at every stage of filmmaking as a location sound mixer, sound designer, re-recording mixer and founder of Austin audio post facility, Keyland Sound.

He has worked on 27 feature-length movies and over 100 short films. Some of his feature credits include ZERO CHARISMA, WINNEBAGO MAN, and Oscar-nominated documentary TROUBLE THE WATER.

His company's new studio is the city's first to publicly offer Dolby-approved audio printmastering services, recently hosting the mastering session for BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

Phil Benson Exec in Charge Skywalker Sound

As Executive in Charge of Skywalker Sound, Phil Benson is responsible for all production and business aspects of the company, leading a team of award-winning artists and technicians that maintain a reputation as the most advanced audio post facility in the world. Since joining Skywalker Sound in 1991, Benson has been responsible for the many dimensions in creating and executing the sound editorial process for a film. Starting with Peter Jackson’s “The Frighteners”, as supervising sound editor, Benson’s responsibilities have also included sound design, mixing, recording, and editing custom sounds. Other Skywalker clients included Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Robert Rodriguez, and Robert Zemeckis.