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Meet the Insiders: Startup Alley Edition, Entertainment Tech Marketing

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New for 2013, Meet the Insiders is an opportunity to participate in vital discussions on the innovations and developments in the world of film across varying topics. Moderators will start by introducing and getting to know the Insider for the first 10 minutes, but the next 20 are an open forum where the audience is able to ask questions, discuss trends, connect with the film community, and gain insight and understanding of the industry from the insiders at the forefront of their respective fields.

Entertainment Tech Marketing:
Gain insight into entertainment technology marketing from the insiders in this panel moderated by James Belfer, co-founder and CEO of Dogfish Accelerator. The session will begin with Mark Achler, the SVP of New Business Strategy and Innovation at Redbox, discussing current and upcoming trends he sees in the market and how an industry leader that in the past 10 years has grown to have more locations than McDonald's and Starbucks combined in the US adapts to navigate these trends. Next up, Andrew Kippen, the VP of Marketing at Boxee, a company positioned to revolutionize the home television viewing experience, will talk about best practices and strategy for taking entertainment tech startups to market.

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MODERATOR James Belfer Dogfish Pictures

Dogfish Pictures was founded by James Belfer in 2009 to provide strategy and/or financing for independent feature films. Credits include Craig Zobel's Compliance (2012, Magnolia Pictures, Sundance 2012 NEXT), Amy Heckerling's Vamps (2012, Anchor Bay Films), Like Crazy (2011, Paramount Vantage, 2011 Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner), Salvation Boulevard (2011, IFC, Sundance 2011 Premiere), and The Romantics (2010, Paramount Famous, Sundance 2010 Premiere). Dogfish Pictures has also recently launched Dogfish Accelerator - the first seed accelerator program for indie film producers.

Mark Achler SVP, New Business Strategy & Innovation Redbox

As senior vice president of new business, strategy and innovation at Redbox, Mark Achler manages the Company’s long-term planning and expansion into new business opportunities. Achler was recently featured as a mentor to a tech startup on Bloomberg TV’s “The Mentor.”

Prior to joining Redbox in 2009, Achler co-founded one of the first personal computer retail stores in the country and participated in the launch of the IBM PC in Boca Raton in 1981. He then moved to Apple, where he was the worldwide introduction manager for the Apple //c.

Upon leaving Apple, Achler co-founded and served as chief executive officer of the Whitewater Group, a company that specialized in development tools and programming languages and shipped the second application for Windows 1.0. After building and eventually selling the Whitewater Group, he co-founded the video game company, Kinesoft Development, where he served as president. Kinesoft was instrumental in developing the technology that allowed Sega and Nintendo scrolling action arcade games to be played on Windows 95.

After leaving Kinesoft, Achler served as a founding general partner in Kettle Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund. While at Kettle, Achler was the lead investor in local Chicago companies such as Surepayroll (sold to PAYX) and Novarra (sold to NOK).

Fueled by a lifelong passion for building new businesses, Achler also has helped to co-found Emmi Solutions, a provider of patient education, where he first served as president and later became chief executive officer.

Achler is also a frequent speaker, resource and ardent champion for the entrepreneurial community; where he is a mentor for Excelerate Labs and the Chicago High Tech Academy.

Andrew Kippen VP Mktg BOXEE

Andrew Kippen was previously a marketing strategist at Stage Two Consulting where he crafted go-to market strategies for consumer tech startups and taught larger companies how to approach online influencers and social media.

Prior to that Kippen worked in the Economic Office of the French Embassy, helping French companies understand and approach the US technology marketplace with innovative messaging and positioning strategies. He also organized and emceed Tech Connection, a networking event for the tech community.

After obtaining his degree he quickly launched into Public Relations with Spaeth Communications, where he specialized in coaching large corporate and government clients like FedEx and the US Department of Education in media relations.

Andrew was born in Dallas, Texas, raised by Scottish parents, and educated by Hungarian clergy. He holds a degree in International Communications from Franklin College in Switzerland.